EC 2009 (Czech Republic, Italy, United Kingdom) - FINAL RESULTS

  • 3rd round of European Cup 2009
    Hook Woods, The United Kingdom
    20th of September, 2009.

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    Results from the 3rd round of EC in Hook Woods

  • WBC 2009, Ping Tang, China 27th and 28th of August, 2009

    We already opened ENTRY for WBC. And this will be closed on July 27.
    This time, We need your
    ENTRY LIST, REGISTRATION FORM (accommodation & traffic) & WAIVER & RELEASE FORM. To complete entry, it is necessary to send these 3 documents before the deadline.
    Please do not forget! Any questions, ask to BIU or Jason please.

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    5. RESULTS
    We congratulate to new World's Champions!
    The E.B.U. Committee

  • BIU News - August 2009 (18/08/2009)

  • 1St BIU 2009 NORTH AMERICAN BIKETRIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held on 14th and 15th of August, 2009 in Vancouver, Canada.
    Entry list

  • DRESSLER CAMP 2009, Tanvald, Czech Republic

    Dressler Camp 009 report
    Dressler Camp 009 is history but it remains deep in hearts of all participants. Josef Dressler with his team organized his 3rd Camp on 12-16th August 2009 in Tanvald, Czech republic. This year's Camp had 230 participants and many spectators from 7 European countries. Dressler Camp was primarily about trials riding and biketrial contest was held every day. The main star of whole Camp came from UK. Ali C won all contests at Dressler Camp 009 and became this year's hero. Ali won TSG Retro Race, Monty Eliminator Race, Freestyle Trial Contest and its Best Trick and finally Saturdays main competition - Fallen Trial Contest. First three days of the Camp Josef made biketrials and trials school with top Czech riders teaching others. Legendary Ot Pi of Spain performed his biketrial school on Saturday afternoon. Each participant had an opportunity to rent biketrial, freestyle, freeride or downhill bikes and also trials unicycle.
    There was also child corner with toys for little kids, but they mainly rode their bikes all around the Camp site. Night parties and live concerts were essential ingredient of Dressler Camp as well. Table football tournament took its part in this year's Dressler Camp afterparties to fulfil Dressler Camp's motto "Trial, Fun and Rock´n´roll". Saturday night raffle gained some money for Paracycling team Cerni kone and Cystic fibrosis foundation. As we can see the reactions and impressions of the participants, they loved Dressler Camp's atmosphere most. And the atmosphere was really great and friendly. Thanks to everyone for supporting Dressler Camp 009 and we want to meet you again next year in Tanvald. More event info at .

    Josef Dressler
    DRESSLERshop team
    ICQ: 373446847
    ICQ (pepa): 421444824

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  • EUROPEAN CUP 2009 Darfo Boario Terme, Italy 28th of June, 2009

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  • Euro CUP 2009 - CAMPING
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    We have received many request for Camping accommodation for European Cup in Darfo Boario Terme. We suggest two excellent solutions:

    The two camps are on the beach of Iseo Lake. A really beautiful place !
    Good holiday !!!


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    Why should you go to the EC in Darfo Boario Terme, Italy?

    1. You can meet with your BikeTrial friends and spend an enjoyable weekend with them.
    2. Compared with Bike Trial champions from other countries.
    3. You will compete in the event organized in a very good natural area, in the same zone of on the same rocks which will challenge the champions in motorcycle Trial during the Trial of Nations 2009.
    4. Visiting Italy with her endless tourist attractions.
    5. Visiting Darfo Boario Terme Park SPA or spend a day of great fun at the water park "AquaPlantet". Visit Valle Camonica and its famous stone carvings UNESCO World Heritage.
    6. You will have good results in European Cup 2009 (Czech/Italy/UK) or possibly even, you will win the great cup, or Elite prize money.
    7. Contribute to the growth of BikeTrial in Italy. With your help back in Italy in an International event after many years. YOU CAN NOT MISS!

  • EBC 2009 SPAIN - 30th and 31st of May, 2009

    The deadline for the applications is 8th of May, 2009

    1. The fee 25€ will not be. The riders will only have to pay the 10€ when they sign on.
    2. Agenda + Schedule
    4. RESULTS
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    Hi friends. has just released a new DVD. This time it is from European championship held in L´Escala (Spain). It is a double disk DVD, with two awesome musical videos, interviews to the winners and all happened that nice weekend of final May.
    If you are interested to get it, please contact with
    Totally professional postproduction thanks to the collaboration of Xavi Martinez, a biketrial fun who is working in the Catalunya national TV as digital graphic designer, making the postproduction of some programmes and night news magazines.
    Thanks for your interest !!

    Enric Gibert Castroverde
    +34 609 446 068

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  • EC 2009 Brezova, Czech Republic

    The deadline for the applications is 30th of April, 2009

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    6. Map 2
    8. Video from EBC Brezova 2005

    9. Results - 9.5.2009
    10. Results - 10.5.2009

    11. Photos here...
    12. Photos taken by Latvian photographer here...

    Why should you go to Brezova?

    1. You can meet with your BikeTrial friends and spend an enjoyable weekend with them.
    2. You will compete in the event organized by the traditional and experienced Czech organizer and you can improve your skills in a very good natural area.
    3. If you support the organizer - you will support our lovely sport.
    4. You will have good results in European Cup 2009 (Czech/Italy/UK) or possibly even, you will win the great cup, or Elite prize money.
    5. You can visit very nice Czech cities like Sokolov, Karlovy Vary, Prague - there are many historical sites and interesting places to knowledge.
    6. You can try typical Czech cuisine and your parents or minders can try a very good Czech beer.
    7. You will gain in experiences.

  • European Cup 2009

    The European Cup is aimed at national level competitions and therefore a level below the European Championship.

    There will be a new format to the European Cup 2009. Three competitions will form part of a series where riders score points at each event. An overall 'European Cup Champion' in each category will be announced at the end of the final event.

    The 2009 European Cup events are as follows:

    1. Brezova, Czech Republic: 9th May, 2009
    2. Darfo Boario Terme, Italy: 28th June, 2009
    3. Hook Woods, United Kingdom: 20th September, 2009

    The sections will be aimed at no harder than national level for the organizing country.

    The riders will be able to ride a more difficult category than their official BIU category providing that the delegate for their country is in agreement and notifies the organisers.

    BIU Elite riders will have to compete in the Elite category.

    National classed Elite riders can compete in the Elite category at European Cup events. They will also have the option to drop down to the Senior/Junior categories.
    European Cup events are likely to also incorporate host nations` national championships. Riders from the host countries will therefore have to ride their national category in order to be classified for both the national and European Cup competitions. If they drop down from the Elite class then they will only be classified for the European Cup event.

    I hope that all members of the European BikeTrial Union will encourage their riders to support these events and we should have an exciting year of BikeTrial ahead.

    Yours faithfully

    Stuart Matthews
    General Secretary of the European BikeTrial Union